In memory of Barbara Lollar

Until her untimely passing on December 22nd, Barb Lollar was an esteemed member of the Indianapolis community.  She was a fellow paddler, and was at her happiest when paddling her solo canoe on Indiana’s flowing streams, according to her husband.  She was an environmental attorney (passionately representing the public interest) for several agencies, including the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and the U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers.  She enjoyed visiting our national parks with her family.  I sent the following passage to her husband and to Governor Eric Holcomb who also attended her recent memorial service.


                                         In memory of Barbara Lollar

                 An excerpt from The Hour of Land by Terry Tempest Williams

                       (reflections from Theodore Roosevelt National Park)


“Sitting by the river – this meandering river — … I am Theodore Roosevelt watching the currents as grief gathers like a whirlpool and finally flows downriver. 

Life and death are kneaded back into the accumulated soil of the prairie.

The personal shock and assault of death that drops us to our knees in time becomes a tapping, a turning, a gesture like any other – we are not special, just part of the river, rushing by me now.

Our fear of death enslaves us to the illusion that we will live forever.  Theodore Roosevelt knew firsthand that we do not.  And so he lived large and he never forgot the source of his own healing and strength.

“There can be no greater issue than of conservation in this country“, he wrote.

He was a man of his word. During his administration, Theodore Roosevelt was responsible for protecting 150 national forests, 51 federal bird preserves, 4 federal wildlife preserves, 18 national monuments, and 5 national parks, 230 million acres in all.”

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