Updates– the “damn dam” and Crown Hilll woods in Indianapolis

I haven’t posted in a while, so here’s a brief update.

There is no news on the planned dam and reservoir in Madison County.  Apparently, the CED is still studying a revised plan and trying to line up supporters and funding.  In February, the Indiana Finance Authority told the CED that there were no discretionary monies available for the project.  Perhaps the CED has been lobbying Washington DC.  Although, the news today of the astonishing, catastrophic flooding in Texas will likely make funding for a new dam an even harder sell.  .

Crown Hill woods:  A tremendous victory for the survival of the woods was achieved in May when the Veterans Administration announced that it had reached agreement with Crown Hill Cemetery to relocate the planned cemetery expansion.  They selected the site immediately to the east of the 15-acre tract of woods which is mostly open field.  This is the same area which we pointed out to Crown Hill president Keith Norwalk in a meeting on August 1th.  His specious reply was that they had rejected that site initially “because the neighborhood didn’t want an eyesore”   Total bald-faced baloney.

From what we are told, Crown Hill and the VA are currently finalizing the deal and that construction would start this fall.

I will be posting more on this.  More info about it on the website of the Indiana Forest Alliance





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