More quarries a possibility and closing on the Olio Road quarry

I was noodling around in the Citizens Water’s public records realm recently and learned an interesting fact— that there are more stone quarries in the service area which could provide significant water for the future.  A consultant’s report mentioned the viability of the large quarry on East 96th Street, just west of White River.  It did not state the potential capacity and production potential, but it would be very significant.  No doubt Citizens is eyeing this quarry as potential future water supply.

Subsequent conversations with Citizens personnel indicated that there are other quarries in central Indiana as well.  He also mentioned a very large one west in the Cloverdale area.  We trust that future assessments of potential water production will evaluate these ready-made reservoirs— instead of the various more expensive sources.

At the October meeting of CW’s Technical Advisory Group, it was reported that Citizens has recently closed on the purchase of the future Citizens Reservoir (quarry) located adjacent to Geist reservoir on Olio Road in Fishers  Citizens will take possession in about two years.

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