Winona LaDuke: common people protecting the heart of America

While the CED regroups and finagles (presumably) following the recent Delaware County down votes, Heart of the River participants have been able to catch their breath and do some light reading among delightful outdoor pursuits during this run of beautiful fall weather.

The following passage is from Tim Palmer’s great book The Heart of America— Our Landscape, Our Future.  It’s from his final chapter—America in the 21st Century in which he suggests new approaches to land and water protection.  It resonates in several ways.

“Taking hope from the changes occurring in a movement that’s evolving among people of all races and backgrounds, American Indian activist Winona LaDuke wrote:

Across the continent, on the shores of small tributaries, in the shadows of sacred mountains, on the vast expanse of the prairies, or in the safety of the woods, prayers are being repeated, as they have been for thousands of years, and common people with uncommon courage and the whispers of their ancestors in their ears continue their struggles to protect the land and water and trees on which their very existence is based.  And like small tributaries joining together to form a mighty river, their force and power grows.  The river will not be damned. “



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