Citizens Water’s letter to the Hamilton County Drainage Board expressing its non-participation in the planned reservoir

Following is a May 28, 2015 letter from Jeffrey Willman, V. P. of Water Operations for Citizens Water to Kent Ward of the Hamilton County Drainage Board.  Surveyor Ward had requested a written position statement from Citizens regarding the planned reservoir in Anderson.

The letter was obtained via a recent public records request to Citizens Water.  It confirms (in writing) what Citizens Water has been saying for many months about their position on the plan.

To our knowledge, this letter has not been previously provided to the media (nor, curiously, has any public media apparently requested a position statement). Hopefully, this posting will help clarify Citizens Water’s official position of non-interest in participating in the development and utilization of the planned reservoir.




May 28, 2015


Kent Ward

Surveyor of Hamilton County

One Hamilton County Square

Suite 188

Noblesville, IN 46060



In response to the Drainage Board’s inquiry regarding Citizens Energy Group’s position on the proposed Mounds Lake Reservoir, please be aware that Citizens has no plans to endorse or participate in the project. Citizens has a comprehensive water resource planning process that considers a wide range of options for providing safe and reliable water service to our customers long-term. Our planning process has determined that about 82 million gallons per day of additional water resources will be required over the next 25 years to meet future needs. The process also determined that the proposed reservoir is not cost-effective when compared to other available resource options. Therefore, Citizens will continue to focus on local and more affordable options to meet customer long-term needs such as the recently completed Harbour Groundwater Treatment Plant and well field near Morse Reservoir; construction of four new groundwater wells in the Geist well field, dredging of the Central Canal for improved flow and system yield, and improved intakes at our White River treatment plants.

If the proposed reservoir were to move forward, Citizens would have to insist on minimum discharge requirements and operating parameters to ensure that our down stream treatment plants and customers are not starved for water.  Citizens will continue to monitor the public discussions regarding the proposed reservoir, but we do not plan to be involved in the project in any way. Thank you for your inquiry.




Vice President Water Operatons

Citizens Energy Group

Office:  317-927-4790

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