USA Today’s recent Gallup survey– Indiana ranks 48th in well-being

A friend, a former life-long Hoosier and colleague in Indianapolis writes from Bellingham, Washington​ where he and his wife moved several  years ago.

Does anyone really think that an unfounded and destructive White River dam and reservoir would increase health and happiness in east central Indiana?

“In case you missed the “Healthy/Happy” state study reported in USA Today here’s the link:


Poor old dirty, backward Indiana placed 48th.  If that sounds familiar, Indiana was 48th in environmental quality in that great study by the Institute for Southern Studies a few years ago.  I didn’t see it on The Star’s website but that’s no surprise. They are way too busy doing hard-hitting investigating of lavish mansions in Hamilton County and exorcisms in Gary.  I put the “Healthy/Happy” up on my FaceBook and suggested that it sounds much better if you say “Indiana is 3rd” and in a whisper to the side, “From the bottom”. “

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