Excellent TNC Briefing Paper relating economic development to quality of life and environment still pertinent

In March of 2003, the Indiana chapter of The Nature Conservancy distributed an informative 38-page Briefing Paper titled Community and Economic Development– Quality of Life and the Environment.  It notes that the state’s bicentennial (2016)  approaches and that “our progress since 1816 has come at considerable cost to the natural environment” and that “Indiana is in danger of losing the few unprotected natural areas and green spaces that currently exist.”

      In pertinent part, it’s recommendations include:
“What Indiana must do:
1.  promote existing environmental amenities to advertise Indiana’s great climate for business and community,
2.   protect remaining natural areas by committing resources to acquire new sites and improve existing greenspace…”
      This is just the briefest highlighted summary.  There is much in the report to justify a thorough reading.  The report does a great job at explaining how a high quality environment supports economic and community development.
      This Briefing Paper should be required reading for every person involved or interested in the proposed reservoir.  it is hoped that all public officials will read it.  To obtain a digital copy, folks can contact The Nature Conservancy (Indiana Chapter) at its offices in Indianapolis or send a an email request to this blog at ckahlo@toast.net.

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