Hydrogeologist Tony Fleming blasts the CED’s water supply rationale

Here’s the video link to the recent panel and community forum.

      Mr. Fleming’s portion of the panel begins at 1:31 into the video. of the HTR’s 2-26-15 panel presentation.   Among other key points, he challenges the CED’s claim of a regional water supply deficiency, and clarifies that if anything, it’s a water-capacity deficiency– referring to the necessary infrastructure to treat and deliver the available water supply, because there are huge supplies of raw water available, particularly within the underground aquifer system. in the vicinity of White River.
      At the 02:02:02 point in the video, he sums up the absurdity of the CED’s plan by
concluding, based on seasonal demand data,  that the dam would in essence create a highly destructive reservoir on White River in Anderson just so that Carmel and Hamilton County can continue to heavily water their lawns during dry periods.

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