Is the CED a “never-say-die” developer?

The Anderson Herald Bulletin’s 2-24-15 editorial about the reservoir plan should have also referenced the “never-say-die” developer dynamic, a stunning example of which — The Mallard Lake landfill proposal — was reported by the HB on February 22nd.

As reported, the landfill project was pushed by the developer for 37 years until finally withdrawing its IDEM renewal application for the unused permit. For the citizens who had the grit and tenacity to continuously fight that war, the battles dragged on interminably and at high cost to their personal and family well-being. The unrelenting push by  commercial developers can aptly be called the “never-say-die” dynamic.
The Anderson Corporation for Economic Development has indicated that there is need for more detailed study of certain questions (“phase III feasibility”) as if to suggest that it has not actually determined to press ahead with the plan. That seems disingenuous considering, among other things, its stated intent to persuade local officials to create a governing commission in the near future.
The CED certainly seems resolute. Time will tell if it is also “never-say-die”. Hopefully it won’t require 37 years of regulatory and legal process to persuade authorities to reject this unneeded and destructive project.

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