Indiana Parks Alliance Resolution, dated 2-20-15

“The Indiana Parks Alliance opposes the construction of a dam and reservoir on the White River at Anderson, Indiana known as the Mounds Lake project.

The proposed Mounds Reservoir would inundate approximately 1/3 of Mounds State Park, including the Mounds Fen State Nature Preserve in its entirety.  These are significant and unique natural areas which cannot truly be mitigated.  The proposed reservoir would also threaten the nationally significant Anderson Mounds, a National Register archeological site that was of ceremonial and ritual significance to Native Americans.

The Indiana Parks Alliance believes that our state parks and nature preserves deserve the strongest protection.  The state law that established the system of dedicated state nature preserves states that the properties “are to be held in trust for the benefit of the people of Indiana of present and future generations,” and are only to be taken for other public uses if there is an “imperative and unavoidable necessity.”  It is the belief of IPA that destruction of this dedicated state nature preserve would undermine this law, and imperil all state nature preserves.”



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