Doug Berky’s letter to Muncie Star Press, published 2-20-15

False assumptions in reservoir report



After reading the executive summary of the Mounds Lake Phase II Feasibility study, my first thought was to re-read an essay by Wendell Berry, “The Way Of Ignorance.”

This proposal makes numerous false assumptions. First, it assumes that we, as a species, exist outside of the natural environment of our planet. Climate change threatens our world because of the kind of environmental destruction that is called for to build this lake. It is the height of arrogance and hypocrisy that the Anderson Corporation for Economic Development proposes to create a commission that can “mitigate’ in a few years what God has taken thousands to create.

This proposal falsely assume a water need. Furthermore, creation of a reservoir chances polluting our abundant groundwater and aquifers.

The ACED falsely proclaims overwhelming community support. Surveys and polls often quoted in their materials are unscientific and biased. Throughout the process the ACED has proven itself untrustworthy.

The proposal falsely suggests no tax dollars will be needed to fund this project. Already, more than one half a million tax dollars has been spent. Who will be paying the people forming the commission? Taxpayers? Where will they meet? Who is paying the heat? Who will be liable when the lawsuits start rolling in?

Elected officials, do take a long hard look at this before you vote.

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