Two illegal levees on White River near Muncie seek DNR permits

DNR’s most recent Public Notice of applications for Construction in a Floodway contains an application (FW- 27745) which is an after-the-fact application for two levees on White River near Muncie which were illegally constructed without the required permit.

        Like all levees, these two levees have reduced the capacity of the river corridor to accommodate and moderate floodwaters.  We shall see if the DNR considers them to be in violation of the quantitative maximum allowable increase of flood elevation and deny permits. In all likelihood, and as experience shows, DNR will approve the applications as having minimal impact on flood elevations, and perhaps even give the applicant the usual tap on the wrist for not receiving advance approval from DNR.
        Part of the CED”s package of claimed benefits of its planned dam and reservoir is for “flood control”.  But perhaps if we all just played by the rules instead of flaunting them, and not building levees whenever we want, we’d already have effective flood control — the natural variety provided by the floodways and floodplains of intact stream corridors — instead of speciously claiming, as the CED is doing, that flood control will be enhanced by building a stunningly expensive and unneeded dam and reservoir.
      Here are the details from the DNR Public Notice:
West Fork White River
Applicant: Gary V Greenlee
4024 South Burlington Drive
Muncie, IN 47302-8300
Project Description:  Two levees were constructed approximately 129′ long and 167′ long along the southwest bank of the West Fork White River. The crest of both levees are located at an elevation of approximately 954.6′, NAVD. The 5′ wide crests will be covered with vegetation. Details of the project are contained in information and
plans received at the Division of Water on November 3, 2014.
Location:  4024 South Burlington Drive
 near Muncie, Center Township, Delaware County
Section 25, T 20N, R 10E, Muncie East Quadrangle
Quad Code: 4008523
UTM Coordinates: Downstream 4446446 North, 642071 East

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