DNR’s 1979 White River plan now posted online

The Heart of the River coalition recently created a PDF of the 1979 plan by the DNR titled The Recreation Potential of the White River: Vol 2 Anderson — Muncie.  This blog has commented on that extensive DNR plan in posts dated June 12th and July 17th.  Visit the complete document at
You will see (at Map 14) the detailed recommendations pertaining to corridor acquisition, resource areas and implementation recommendations.  The DNR obviously considered the corridor to be a special place and worthy of enhancement and protection.  It concluded: “The significance of this riverine resource to the urban populations found along its banks, and the people of central Indiana in general, cannot be overstated.”  Unfortunately,however, no resultng implementation occurred.
This plan has most recently been reincarnated and expanded upon by one of the 14 dam-opposing organizations (HEC), as a proposed Mounds Greenway.  As we have seen during the past 25 years in Indiana and throughout the country, the rapid advent and popularity of greenways and linear recreation trails has proven their value to healthy living and community vitality. Perhaps now, with some continuing education, our local and state officials will recognize this value and move forward with protecting the White RIver corridor– instead of destroying it.

Expert panel on Conservation in Indiana, WYFI radio, 10-2-14

Journalist John Krull of WFYI radio hosted an interesting “No Limits” program on October 2nd regarding Conservation in Indiana with representatives from INPAWS (Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society) , The Nature Conservancy and the Central Indiana Land Trust.
 The program merits a listen.  Go to
It’s amazing how Indiana policy-makers place such little importance on our parks and natural areas.
Someone from the listening audience raised the issue of the planned White River dam in Anderson.  That discussion starts at the 50:50 point, very near the end.
Thanks to Tom Homan of INPAWS for aptly describing the plan as “a catastrophe” due to its myriad destructive impacts.

CILTI’s statement of opposition

Posted on September 19th, 2014
Because its construction would result in the loss of a state nature preserve, the Central Indiana Land Trust opposes the damming of the White River for the proposed Mounds Lake project near Anderson.

To date, designation as a state nature preserve in Indiana has carried with it the promise that land is protected forever. The Mounds Fen Nature Preserve received that designation in 1980, due to its unique ecosystem, clean water and high biodiversity. If the proposed reservoir is built, the state not only would lose an irreplaceable piece of its natural heritage, but it also would lose the promise inherent in its nature preserve designation, the first such threat to protected land since the state’s nature preserve act was passed in 1967.

The Central Indiana Land Trust also has other concerns with the project – its potential impact on downstream water quality, for example, and elevated flood danger to several nature preserves the land trust owns, and to our neighbors, downstream of the proposed dam – but its primary objection is the broader impact the project would have: If built, it would set a regrettable precedent for the destruction of a natural area and a state nature preserve.