Waking up to conservation– every day

River preservationist Valerie Gordon recently posted a comment that “Conservation is something we have to wake up to every day!”
Waking up to conservation every day might seem like a novel idea in our central Indiana consumer culture in which utility companies have consistently promoted the idea that supply is unlimited, be it water, electricity, or gas. And it might not seem as inviting or inspiring as, say, waking up next to your true love, a tasty breakfast, bright sunshine or an illuminating daily newspaper.
However, it’s an idea whose time has clearly arrived as our crashing climate and other evidence increasingly confirms.  
So who will be up to the task?  Will we all participate or just the low and moderate income portion of our society? I mention this because in my generally prosperous neighborhood in Indianapolis, several of my immediate neighbors always leave outdoor lights burning throughout the day.  They’re either oblivious to or contemptuous of the idea of conservation and minimizing resource-waste. Is conservation of diminishing resources only for persons of modest means who are seeking to save money?  Will wealthy communities such as Carmel and Zionsville wake up and be willing to participate in serious conservation? Will their elected officials encourage or require it?  This remains to be seen.   

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