Letter to The Herald Bulletin– Greenville’s riverfront example

Letter: Greenville, S.C., developed its river

Posted: Wednesday, October 8, 2014 10:53 pm

The writer of the Sept. 28 “Reader Viewpoint” should have stopped in Greenville, S.C., on his way to his unnamed South Carolina town. For you see, instead of forcing its citizens from their homes and destroying a free flowing river, Greenville has developed their river, the Reedy River, into a centerpiece of their downtown. Go to their official website and you will see the river as well as a beautiful suspension bridge prominently featured. The development of the river in their downtown has helped bring life back to their city.

The writer of the Sept. 28 “Reader Viewpoint” tells us we must “re-imagine” ourselves.

 Unfortunately, tyrants throughout history have worked to “re-imagine” their communities. Each time those who “re-imagine” have done so on the sacrifices of others. To this writer I say the following. Our homes are not yours to sacrifice. The safety and purity of our water and environment are not yours to sacrifice. Our history and the sanctity of our archaeological sites are not yours to sacrifice. And are you really ready to sacrifice the safety of downtown Anderson by building an earthen dam there, given political climate of our world?

Consider with me, instead, a concept that protects and enhances all that makes us unique and offers sustainable economic opportunities. Check out the Mounds Greenway, a proposal by the Hoosier Environmental Council and the Heart of the River Coalition. Wake up Anderson, the thieves are in your house.

Doug Berky


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