Letter to Herald Bulletin– Reservoir promotion has circus approach


July 24, 2014
Letter: Reservoir promotion has circus approach
The Herald Bulletin

P.T. Barnum is starting his tour to promote the reservoir by going to all the towns surrounding the dream. Rob Sparks is this town’s P.T. Barnum.
To promote the circus, he travels to the towns drumming and boasting of all the exciting things to come.
I’m not for or against the reservoir, I’m against the way it has been promoted.
The very first article on the reservoir many months ago was P.T. Sparks telling us how the reservoir would be stocked with bass, bluegills and crappies for us to harvest. It was a hook, now we are getting the line, and the next step will be the sinker. We will swallow it all as human nature takes over.
All politicians are good at telling us what we should hear.
The presentation of this whole reservoir has many red flags, especially with information coming at us with hype and a circus atmosphere.
Ronald K. Jones

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