Happy Anniversary, DNR White River recreation plan

Talk about the proverbial doldrums. This month marks the 35th anniversary of the July, 1979 DNR plan: The Recreational Potential of the White River— Martinsville to Muncie.

The detailed 2-volume plan analyzed the river from upstream of Muncie down to Martinsville. Unfortunately it was not implemented and DNR has no explanation at all for the lack of interest in realizing the plan. Your tax dollars hard at work again.

For more info, see post dated May 18th re Two Upcoming State Anniversaries.

Happy Anniversary!

Perhaps the current state administration will dust off the plan and recognize its unrealized value. That would remain to be seen considering that Gov. Pence has given $650,000 for the CED’s feasibility study for the reservoir.

One the other hand, if the feasibility study, due to be completed by year-end, concludes that the reservoir scheme is too problematic and costly, perhaps Governor Pence would direct the DNR to move forward with implementing the 35 year old plan.

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