Doug Berky’s letter to the Muncie Star Press

Mounds Lake project and freedom
Jul. 1, 2014 |

As July 4th approaches, I am experiencing a different perspective on this celebration of our independence from tyranny. For many of us in this community, a dark shadow has obscured the very ideals called for in the Declaration of Independence. A small group of business people, none of whom have been elected to represent our community, are trying to put into motion a plan that would change the character and environment of our community by building a dam on the White River here in Anderson.
This plan, developed for years in secret, without consulting the community, will force at least 400 families from their homes. Regardless of the merits of this plan, such a decision should be made by the people, weighing the seriousness of infringing on the civil rights of members of our community because of a hoped for gain.
Those elected to represent us and protect our rights have asked no questions nor have they raised concerns or advocated for those whose rights will be abridged. Our elected officials have asked for no objective studies or information about the dam proposal or its effects on the health, environment and economy of our community. Join me next election in campaigning for those at state, county and city offices who will represent all the citizens of our community, regardless of their stock portfolios.
As July 4th approaches, I am grateful that the Declaration of Independence led to our Constitution, which provides me with the freedom of speech exercised here.

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