Extensive — and expensive — shoreline erosion control

A few weeks back, IDEM issued a Public Notice for a shoreline stabilization project for a residential property at Geist reservoir in Indianapolis. Here is what the homeowner proposes in order to received the required Sec. 401 Water Quality certification:

“The applicant is proposing to install a 220 linear foot granite block seawall with gravel base and steel anchor panels along the reservoir shoreline. Cobble and boulder stone will be placed along the toe of the block seawall to dissipate wave action. Additionally, a shorelines stabilization and naturalization planning plan is proposed both lakeward and landward of the boulder seawall t replace natural vegetation removed during construction.” IDEM 2014-177-30-AMM-A

Aren’t you glad you won’t be writing the check for that home maintenance project! Of course, with 220 feet of Geist shoreline at his residence, the applicant can likely well afford it.

Bank erosion and stabilization is a problem for many reservoirs because the water bodies are not natural and are frequently built on highly erosion-prone soils. It would be a big problem for a Mounds reservoir. We wonder if such inevitable long-term maintenance costs will be adequately accounted for in the CED’s phony “feasibility study”. Bet not!

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