Statement of opposition of Muncie-Delaware Clean and Beautiful

“At Muncie-Delaware Clean & Beautiful, we consider ourselves the riverkeepers of the White River in our county.  With the help of volunteers from the Muncie community, we have spent years clearing the river of trash and debris upstream from the proposed reservoir site.  Our mission has always been not only to keep the river clean for environmental reasons, but so others can enjoy a free-flowing, public river.   We encourage others to enjoy the most precious natural resource in DelawareCounty, which connects us to other communities downstream with a variety of recreational opportunities.  The proposed reservoir would eliminate the connection our residents have to their friends downstream, and vice versa, via the White River.  It is our hope that the reservoir proposal will be withdrawn and other solutions will be pursued that are environmentally, socially, and fiscally responsible. Such solutions we suggest include enhancing the already existing recreational opportunities offered in this watershed and striving to support and install more to provide better access to the river, while celebrating it’s rich history and heritage.

Muncie-Delaware Clean & Beautiful has been a nonprofit community organization since 1977 whose mission is to enhance the appearance of Muncie and DelawareCounty through community gardening, community cleanups and neighborhood beautification. MDCB has led and organized annual White River Cleanups for 7 years, cleaning over 15 miles of river in DelawareCounty, averaging over 500 volunteers per cleanup, and removing 80,000+ pounds of trash and debris over those years.”

(June, 2014)


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