Down by the riverside– June is National Rivers Month

Welcome June and National Rivers Month!  More info at American River’s website:

Today in church we sang Gonna Lay Down My Sword and Shield, the familiar African American spiritual, 1750-1875.  It urges seeking a more peaceful world “down by the riverside”.  One verse: Gonna lay down my burden, down by the riverside, down by the riverside..”   

If only it could be so.  Yesterday, ironically, the Heart of the River Coalition conducted its second Protest Paddle on the threatened stretch of river from Daleville to Anderson.  Our procession had 50 canoes and kayaks.  One canoe was boldly painted with the message: “No Damn Dam”.  Another sign: “Protect and defend the fluvial life”.  More on the event in a future post. Suffice to report that the weather was beautiful, the water was clear and flowing well, and all paddlers had a great  time “protesting”, as they were reminded of this beautiful and irreplaceable natural setting, and fortified in their resolve to continue the fight to oppose it.  

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