Failure to recharge our aquifers and landscape dewatering deemed unsustainable

The following interesting comment was posted on the Nuvo Newsweekly website in response to its March 5th cover story about the planned dam.

Water scarcity in Indiana is a joke. We receive 1 million gallons of water per acre for free from precipitation. This issue is one of poor resource management and a dam is not the solution. Rivers should be, and historically, were fed by base flow discharge (water oozing from full aquifers) not by runoff. 

The county surveyors are dewatering the landscape as fast as they can with a copious load of sediment and everyone else is drying up aquifers with well withdrawals at the same time. This is unsustainable. Counties should focus on infiltrating precipitation. We have tremendous aquifer storage capacity that is not being recharged.”


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