Was it a lapsa lingua or a lapsa mentis?

Was it a slip of the tongue of a slip of the mind?  The question occurred after viewing the recent You Tube video posted by Rob Sparks of the Corporation for Economic Development.  It was his report on the recent scoping meeting that he and his DLZ team had with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  He referenced the current phase 2 feasibility study and said that it would “flush-out the feasibility of the project”.

Perhaps he meant to say “flesh-out” (instead of “flush-out”) which would imply that the study would add detail and thus aid in determining feasibility. 

Why he used “flush” is unknown, but it certainly has a very different connotation.   Perhaps it was merely a slip of the tongue, which of course we all often commit in our informal conversations.  Yet we wonder.

The reservoir promoters apparently prefer the folksy style of public persona.  Perhaps such botched metaphors are just al part of the beguiling, aw shucks shtick which some Hoosier politicians have used to great effect.  After all, this is Indiana– “honest to goodness” according to new PR slogan.    


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