Love is in the air

The following account was posted on the Indiana Bird List-Serve today–

“We just moved into our new house near Eagle Creek Park.  My grandkids gave my wife …and me an Audubon clock that sings out bird calls on the hour.  We put the clock next to the large window that looks out onto our deck and back yard.  We have not put up any feeders yet but yesterday, curiously, a Cardinal landed on the deck banister and looked into our window. This morning I looked out and a Carolina Wren was looking into our window, the little wren only inches from the window. its tail perked up into the alert position.  I glanced at the clock ant it had just turned 7 o’clock. The clock had just given its 7 o’clock bird call, the call of the Carolina Wren!”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

(The Indiana Audubon Society’s Board of DIrectors has previously voted a position of opposition to the planned dam and reservoir which would destroy so much wildlife and nesting habitat along the river.)


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