Citizens Water confirms that the State didn’t consult prior to awarding the $600,000 grant to the CED

I recently attended the annual meeting of the board of directors of Citizens Water (the CWA Authority, Inc.) on January 13th.   Most of the business was administrative— approving resolutions for board compensation, election of officers, etc.

However, during the Public Comment section of the agenda, I asked whether or not the State had consulted with Citizens Water (re long term water supply) prior to deciding to award the grant to the Anderson CED.   You might recall that Governor Pence’s news release announcing the grant was explicit regarding the importance of water supply for central Indiana.  A couple of weeks ago, CW’s Communication Manager, Dan Considine,  had indicated that there had been no prior consultation, but I wanted to pose the question to all the board members and senior managers who were present at the meeting just in case there might have been a lapse in communication.

CEO Carey Lykins responded that there had been no prior consultation from the State on this issue. 

It’s odd that the State administration would not have consulted with the principal water supplier for the area before awarding such a large grant and then justifying the need for the grant on the basis of water supply.  There are many ways to ensure public water supply.  CW has also previously said that a new water supply reservoir is way down the list of potential new supply sources due to the high costs. 


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