Reservoir dredging notes from Citizens Waters’ Technical Advisory Group, mtg of 10-16-13

“Planned dredging of portions of Morse and Geist to maintain capacity is delayed while permits are being obtained. It is anticipated that reservoirs silt up because of its design as a settling basin. Because of hydraulic settling and the purpose of the reservoir, neither Geist nor Morse dams were designed to be flushed. There fore regular dredging is necessary to achieve sustainable capacity for water storage.
Bob Barr that likely the largest contributor to the sediment build up was stream bank erosion of tributaries to the reservoirs. He had observed the White River itself just south of Mario County to have eroded 300 feet in a 5-year period. In his studies of the agricultural lands in the area, he is thinking that erosion from ag lands is likely to be smaller than from the gullies and stream banks. John Pankhurst noted the enormous sloughing of banks of Eagle Creek Reservoir during his time of observation.”

It’s noted that Citizens Water is also currently also dredging the Central Canal which directs river water to the White River treatment plant near 16th Street. Siltation has also significantly reduced the hydraulic capacity of the canal conveyance channel.

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