John Muir’s Indianapolis experience changed his life

My copy of the Nov-Dec. Sierra magazine arrived recently, and Executive Director Michael Brune’s column about John Muir caught my eye.   This year is Muir’s 175th birthday anniversary. Brune mused, in part, that Muir would, if living now, be a great eco-activist using current-day media and tools.   He opined, in part, that Muir would be a great TED Talk conference speaker.  

“He might have started with the story of how he was temporarily blinded after an accident at the Indianapolis carriage shop he worked in.  When his sight returned weeks later, he saw the world – and humanities’ place in it – differently.  He soon set off on his famous 1,000 mile walk to the Gulf of Mexico….  He ultimately wound up in California, where he first encountered the Sierra Nevada.  After that, he never wavered in his commitment to exploring, appreciating, and defending wilderness.”

It’s intriguing to recall that Muir was indeed here working in Indianapolis, and that his accident played a pert in his future conservation passion and life-long work. 



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