Anderson Powwow is September 7-8th

Be sure to attend the upcoming powwow in Anderson.  Urge everyone to resist the dead waters and other destruction of Turtle Island which Paula Gunn Allen writes about (excerpt below).

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But they could never enslave the Indians; they had to resort to destruction in the attempt, as they had to destroy their own emblem, Eagle, as they destroyed Buffalo, Wolf, Whale, as they are presently determined to destroy Coyote and Mountain Lion. And failing in the destruction of Native peoples because they finally couldn’t bring themselves to do it, nothing was left but to destroy the Tribes’ existence, meaning, and way of life.

But suppose they finally succeed; suppose all the free creatures are finally exterminated— dead or changed beyond all recognition; suppose all this Turtle Island is reduced to a wasteland of dead waters and dead plants and dead mountains. Will America have finally succeeded in realizing her dearest dreams? For then America will be alone, with only death and terror for comfort and companionship.

We have finally reached that place; the seeds of destruction and the seeds of life have reached their season of harvest. Whether the one or the other is given to the people to eat depends in part upon which seed grows hardiest on the soil that is America. It’s reaping time; now we see how well we have sown.”

Off the Reservation— Reflections on Boundary-Busting, Border-Crossing Loose Canons by Paula Gunn Allen


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