Wildcat Guardians’ position of opposition to the reservoir plan

The following recent letter was recently supplied by the Wildcat Guardians.  Visit their website at http://www.wildcatguardians.org


“August 19, 2013

To Whom It May Concern,

The Wildcat Guardians oppose the construction of a dam and reservoir on the White River near Anderson, Indiana known as the Mounds Lake project. The project will destroy the free flowing river ecosystem and result in the displacement of people, the loss of cultural heritage, and the loss recreational opportunities.

The Wildcat Guardians support the vision of the White River as a free-flowing stream allowed to perform its ecologically valuable natural functions with minimal human encroachment. Additionally, we support the preservation in its entirety of the ecological resources of the proposed reservoir site including seven miles of mature riparian ecosystem with thousands of mature trees, and Mounds State Park, the home to dense communities of native plant species as well as one of the three fens still remaining in Indiana. It is certain that mitigation can neither restore nor replace these resources.

The Wildcat Guardians support the preservation of the home places and family heritage of the local residents. We hold the view that the proposed removal of families who have become established over several generations and desire to remain may be an abuse of eminent domain.

The Wildcat Guardians support the preservation of all sites, earthworks, and artifacts of the earlier inhabitants of the White River area that are threatened by the proposed project. We believe destruction of these cultural sites to be short sighted and a failure of trust to future generations.

The Wildcat Guardians value the White River as an ecological, aesthetic, inspirational, recreational, community, and cultural resource deserving of protection. We oppose the Mounds Lake construction project as unnecessary, ecologically disruptive, and as an abuse of the principles of eminent domain.

The Wildcat Guardians

This letter of opposition to the Mounds Lake Project was approved by the Wildcat Guardian membership on August 19, 2013 and is submitted by David Inskeep, secretary, Wildcat Guardians”

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