Memo to Carmel and Rickers’ Oil re the proposed Rickers gas station at River Road

Carmel is currently deliberating on a petition by Rickers Oil to locate a gasoline station at 146th Street and River Road.  This is a pending zoning matter which is strongly opposed by many experts who are rightly concerned about the proximity of the site to the White River and its aquifer and water supply wellfield.  Citizens Water is also highly opposed.

Apparently, the land had already been zoned for such a use a few years ago.  This is now recognized as a big mistake.  The Rickers attorneys are pressing the point and apparently insisting that their client’s facility will not leak or spill.  This is BS.  You can’t remove all the risk.

Rickers is willing to jeopardize the water supply of Indianapolis.  A spill and contamination of the wellfield would be a very expensive problem.  The ratepayers would likely end up paying.

Our message to the Carmel Plan Commission and Council echos what was communicated to them in a previous meeting by a concerned official of Citizens’ Service Advisory Board;  “There is no right way to do the wrong thing.”

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