Disconnected in Madison County

Yesterday’s incoming e-mail contained an interesting piece entitled How American Indians Would Teach U.S. History.  It contains excerpts from two new  books– Teaching Truly: A Curriculum to Indigenize Mainstream Education By Four Arrows (May, 2013 Peter Lang Publishers)  and Indigenous Curricular Alternatives: How Indians Would Teach American History by Barbara Alice Mann.

Barbara Mann notes, in part, that “in communal cultures, everyone’s point of view is respected.”   The statement is reminiscent of the previous ill-founded decision by Connect! Madison County to oust several persons who attempted to distribute flyers to attendees of the CMC’s April 30th “Community Discussion” in the lobby of Reardon Auditorium at Anderson University regarding the planned dam and reservoir plan.   Connect! Madison County had rented the auditorium for a panel presentation about the dam and didn’t want any of the plan’s doubters to pass out informational flyers or speak with other attendees.  It’s unclear if the order to oust (carried out by the uniformed security staff) came at the urging or approval of the Anderson Corporation for Economic Development which is promoting the dam plan.

Both Anderson Indiana and Anderson University took their names from Chief William Anderson of the Lenape who were repeatedly forced out of their homelands by advancing European settlement.   It appears that the attitude of empire (i.e.pushing people out) remains to this day as an unbecoming surviving legacy of those years of extirpation and forced relocation.

Perhaps some of Anderson’s community leaders could set aside time for some worthwhile summer reading.


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