Heart of the River’s vision and mission statements

Vision statement

We envision the White River as a free-flowing stream, allowed to perform its many natural functions with minimal human encroachment.  We envision the river as an ecological, aesthetic, inspirational, community/cultural, and recreational resource which deserves protection.  We envision the preservation of the home places and family heritage which many local residents have established over several generations and desire to preserve.  We also envision the preservation of all sites, earthworks and artifacts of the earliest inhabitants for whom the White River meant both survival and spiritual sustenance.

Mission Statement

The Heart of the River coalition is a grassroots organization formed in 2013 in response to the threat of a planned dam on White River in Anderson, Indiana and a reservoir that would affect Anderson, Chesterfield, Daleville, and Madison and Delaware Counties.  It will work to present our vision to the community and to public officials. It will offer an alternative nature- and community-oriented vision to the dam and reservoir proposal.  It will work to critique the rebuttable rationale offered by the promoters of a dam and to monitor, consult, and intervene, as appropriate, in proposed actions by public agencies.


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