Preserving wild and scenic Indiana

“If the world is a Creation, as many people believe, then we ought to leave good portions of it alone out of respect for the Creator.  Even if the world is an accident, as others believe, anyone with eyes to see must admit it’s filled with glories, and that should be reason enough to cherish these lands.  The choice is not between paving the entire state or turning it all back to wilderness.  We can chose to live here without forever expanding our domain.  We can chose to curb out appetites, protect the wild lands that remain, and begin, with Nature’s help, to restore some of what has been lost.  Instead of merely residing here, we can choose to become true inhabitants of Indiana, versed in its natural and human history, awake to its needs and splendors.  We only defend what we love, and we only love what we know.  Learning to know a place, whether a backyard or a watershed or an entire state, is an endless challenge, and therefore an endless source of delight.  ..”  Scott Russell Sanders, Wild and Scenic Indiana, 2005


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