The Art of Creeks, a poem by Lyle Loder Friedman

Here’s a prize-winning poem by a third-grade student from the 1996 River of Words Art and Poetry Contest.   The River of Words is a great program.


The Art of Creeks

When the sun sets

the creek turns

shiny yellow

which I paint.

When the moon

is in the sky

the creek is shiny white

which I paint.


Slithering water

keeps going,

keeps going

While under

the water,

the shiny gold rocks


The water is their blanket.


The creek of coldness

shakes your hand

as it turns


Quickly, I pull out

with cold


where I was.


The winter chills

the quiet creek.

That blizzard

rushed away

the noise.

I need the

Spring to come.


By:  Lyle Loder Friedman, 1996

Grade 3, Albington Friends School

Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania

(Delaware River watershed)

Grand Prize poetry winner (one of four)

1996 River of Words Poetry and Art Contest


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