Two pearls of wisdom from Two Coots in a Canoe

“Every species needs two things to exist:  clean air and clean water, but as a society, we’d rather waste billions ditching, diking, damming, and channelizing our rivers rather than just cleaning them up.  How sick is that?”


“One of the great fears of Homeland Security is that terrorists will contaminate our water supply.  If clean, potable water is so important to our homeland security, why aren’t we aggressively cleaning up our rivers?  All Congress has to do is enact a law that would make it illegal to dump any untreated waste—human, industrial or agricultural – into the river, but Congress won’t do that.  … Cleaning up our rivers is not a national priority.  As a society, we’re too complacent, too short-sighted, too greedy, too arrogant, and too stupid to see what we’re doing to ourselves.  Forget the terrorists.  In the words of Pogo, the possum sage of the Okefenokee Swamp, “We’ve met the enemy, and they are us.”

Two Coots in a Canoe—An Unusual Story of Friendship by David E. Morine, 2009


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