Hats Off to Garry Hill– Living Legend river man

The photo on this blog was taken May 18th during our Paddle Protest on White River.  Garry Hill, in the white shirt, is paddling the stern in the tan canoe.  When Garry saw the photo, he quipped something to the effect that the two “senior” guys in the photo didn’t exactly add luster to the brand.  However, in Garry’s case, I’d say the opposite is true— his presence in the photo very much adds panache.

Here’s why.  Last Saturday night, the Hoosier Canoe and Kayak Club hosted a large gala to celebrate its 50th year anniversary.  The long-time active members and leaders were honored.  Garry has been a club member for 33 years.  But he hasn’t just “been a member”. Here’s an excerpt from the presentation of Garry’s recognition as a “Living Legend”.

…“Garry has introduced hundreds and hundreds of people to the river, through his teaching, his myriad of great trips, his writing and wonderful trip reports, his photography, and his incredible knowledge.  Whenever any of us are looking for information about a specific river – flow levels, put-ins, etc., Garry is the person we turn to.  He always drops everything to help.

“And when we consider his advocacy work, the tireless campaigns to protect our naturally beautiful streams, in particular the prevention of dams from being built on the Wildcat Creek – which span decades – his work inspires new warriors to protect the river.  It’s because of Garry’s leadership that we know that a small group of individuals can win a big fight for the river.  He’s now working with the Heart of the River Coalition, the newly-formed group to oppose the plan to build a dam on White River near Anderson.

“Garry’s passion, enthusiasm, and dedication for bringing people to the rivers is boundless. Not only is he one of the best River Men of the Hoosier Canoe Club, but I would venture that he’s probably one of the best River Men that this state has ever seen, and will ever see.  “

A big Hats Off and Thank You to Garry Hill, and to the other honorees of the Hoosier Canoe and Kayak Club, for their strong leadership in protecting our continually threatened natural world!


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