“Endgame” (Part 2) — from The Creation by Edward O. Wilson

In Chapter 10, Endgame, of E. O. Wilson’s 2006 book The Creation—An Appeal to Save Life on Earth, the reader is introduced to the sobering possibility of the imminent onset of next major era—

“The human hammer having fallen, the sixth mass extinction has begun.  This spasm of permanent loss is expected, if it is not abated, to reach the end-of-Mesozoic level by the end of the century.  We will then enter what poets and scientists alike may choose to call the Eremoziic Era—The Age of Loneliness.  We will have done it all on our own, and conscious of what was happening.  God’s will is not to blame….

“Life on this planet can stand no more plundering.  Quite apart from obedience to the universal moral imperative of saving the Creation, based upon religion and science alike, conserving biodiversity is the best economic deal humanity has ever had placed before it since the invention of agriculture.  The time to act, my respected friend, is now. The science is sound, and improving.  Those living today will either win the race against extinction or lose it, the latter for all time.  They will earn either everlasting honor or everlasting contempt.”


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