Keep the White River Flowing

A river is superior to a lake in its liberating influence

 Henry David Thoreau

Long before Europeans set foot on this continent, what is now known as the White River was flowing, and the earliest inhabitants of the area took sustenance from it.  The flowing river provided fish to eat, water to drink, and a means of transportation.  For reasons we may not understand, they built mounds along it.

“Like the circulatory system of the human body, our river systems provide their services at no cost to the beneficiaries, ensuring in this case, the ecological, health and durable beauty of the American landscape”  (American Rivers, 1991).  Damming a river is like a blood clot, rupturing the ecology, health, and beauty of the landscape.

Free-flowing rivers have long inspired poets, painters, and philosophers.  To preserve the ecology, health, and inspirational beauty of our landscape for future generations, the White River must continue to flow freely.

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