Creation care for our White River

Among many historic sites which would be inundated by a planned Mounds Lake reservoir, Mounds State Park, with its pre-historic earthworks dating from about 12,00 years ago, stands out as the most significant.  In addition to the threatened cultural sites, as we go forward in scrutinizing the proposed plan, let’s also be mindful of the need for Creation care, and the need for protection from the guardian spirits, per the following excerpt from A Dream of the People —

“… Our ancestors taught us to live in harmony with the land,

and they also taught us to live in harmony with all of creation.

We understood that everything around us was alive

and that we had a responsibility for all our relationships,

both in the seen and unseen worlds.

We sought the protection of guardian spirits….”

Excerpt from A Dream of the People, The Archeology of Anderson Mounds, Mounds State Park, Anderson, Indiana  by Donald Cochran and Beth McCord, Ball State University, June, 2001



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